As mentioned in a previous post, IBADS obtained a Woodford Reserve once-used bourbon barrel fresh off the line as a part of a state-wide competition. We'll be going head to head with other Indiana homebrew clubs at the Indiana State Fair.

After some discussion, we decided to go with a slighty modified version of a club favorite... On Hand Porter (OHP). We brewed the beer back in February.

We racked it all into the barrel 2 weeks later.

The 2-week (in the barrel) tasting went well. No signs of anything "off"... just a smooth, rich porter with a hint of bourbon.

The 5-week samples were tasty as well. Still no flaws that I could detect, but quite a bit more bourbon character. This is shaping up to be a highly drinkable bourbon porter! We decided to pull off a 5 gallon keg and a case of bottles.