Bean's Upgrade

Back in 2002 (I think), I upgraded my boil kettle from an enamel coated steel stock pot to a converted Sanke keg. It was awesome... full wort boils, durability, 10 gallon batches! Well, 8 years later and I finally pulled the trigger for the next upgrade. My new boil kettle is a 55 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker. No more boilovers for me! And 20-30 gallon batches!

The new kettle is still shiny - I haven't used it yet. Accessories include a sight tube, a thermometer, a 3-pc ball valve on the outside and a HopBlocker and small homemade immersion chiller inside. The immersion chiller is there to help pre-chill the entire wort volume after a boil using the discharge water from my ChillZilla, which now mounted with a dedicated pump. I left my old kettle in there for reference.

The white cooler up top is my HLT. It has a single 1200W hot water heater element mounted in it's side and a thermowell so that I can heat my water up the night before I brew. This is a HUGE time saver.

The big blue cooler my new mash tun. I just finished building it to go along with my new kettle. It has a 30 gallon capacity and a homemade drain manifold, thermowell, bulkhead, and return. There's a dedicated mash recirc pump hangin on the bench under it. Here's a shot of my old mash tun and the lid to my kettle atop 2 50# bags of grain.

The little bitty blue cooler under the HLT is my heat exchanger. It has a 1200W hot water heater element mounted in the bottom and 25' of copper coiled around it on the inside. Filled with water and regulated by an external temperature controller, this device sits in the recirculation loop of my mash to help me hit temperatures, ramp up, and even mash out. There aren't very many people that use this method, but it's a signature feature of IBADS. All of our all-grain systems use them.