Brewtour 2010

IBADS is a highly mobile club. As such, we will be driving/meeting all over the state this year in an attempt to spread the joy of brewing and drinking homebrew with as many breweries, clubs, and people as possible. At all of the events below, we'll be brewing and serving IBADS beer. We are hoping to share beer, share knowledge, and share good times while celebrating the hobby of homebrewing.

Here's the schedule so far. Please let us know if you are interested in attending or hosting and event!

Saturday, April 24 - BBC Taproom "Brew-In" - Louisville, KY
The BBC Taproom (and brewery/packaging facility) graciously hosts an annual event for area homebrewers (and supplying the hot liquor!). IBADS will be there, brewing Big Kettle Wit and serving two versions of Marty's Ultralight Ale... one normal, one through a randall packed with cascade hops.
UPDATE: This event went off great! We were able to meet, chat, and brew with plenty of folks from BBC, FOSSILS, and LAGERS. Special thanks to Stevie P for helping to brew 15 gallons of Wit!

Saturday, May 8 - Lambda Chi Alpha Pig Roast - Terre Haute, IN
We'll be drinking and brewing beer, eating pig, and serving whatever we happen to have on tap. Expect the Brewmobile at this stop.
UPDATE: We brewed up 10 gallons of Cascade IPA and drank some bottles of fresh IBADS beer. The brewmobile didn't make it due to a bum clutch, but the company and great (non-pig) food made up for it. We had to make an emergency trip to 'Herbs & Heirlooms and Homebrew too!' to pick up ingredients, which we'd left in Indianapolis.

Saturday, May 15 - Hog & Homebrew - Indianapolis, IN
Shawn and his family host an annual pig roast / homebrew fest. IBADS will be there this year brewing a few batches while the pig is cooking. Pig two weekends in a row, baby! What a country! IBADS will be brewing on Shawn's system as well as brewing/serving from the Brewmobile.
UPADTE: 30 gallons, check! And plenty of homebrew consumed and interest generated. A great event!

Saturday, May 22 - Scuba Steve's Birthday - Bloomfield, IN
Our good buddy and (maybe) aspiring brewer Scuba Steve is hosting IBADS as a part of his birthday party. Much brewing and drinking shall occur!
UPDATE: 10 gallons of OHP and 5 gallons of Marty's Ultralight Ale were brewed... good times had by all!

Saturday, June 12 - Brew-B-Q - Indianapolis, IN
This annual gathering of Indiana homebrew clubs is taking place in the Sun King parking lot, in Indianapolis. There's always a great turnout, lots of food and drink, fun an games, and great people. IBADS will not be brewing this year, but we'll have plenty of homebrew on tap for sampling and should be sportin the Brewmobile!
UPDATE: Good times, though we decided not to brew :

Saturday, July 24 - Upland / BHJ - Bloomington, IN
We'll gather at Upland Brewing Company with the Bloomington Hop Jockeys and staff from Upland to brew some beer, drink some beer, and talk about brewing and drinking beer! Beer beer beer.

Saturday, August 7 - Strassenfest - Jasper, IN
Every year, the SUDS Club of Jasper, IN, hosts a homebrew competition as a part of Strassenfest. IBADS will be at this event brewing (and serving if we can). The Brewmobile will be in full effect!

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Event's in planning
Brewing at Brad Henry's - Shelbyville, IN
Bean's Big Brew - Memphis, IN

We've got lots of open dates in the middle of the Summer! Please let us know if you are interested in hosting us one Saturday or Sunday!

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