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New Albanian Brewing Company will be starting their 10th annual Gravity Head festival on Feb 29. Gravity Head showcases high gravity beers from breweries around the US and around the world, as well as several NABC originals. Check out the preliminary list of beers that will be on tap. They have 15-20 of them on tap at any given time... and once one blows foam, they tap the next one in the queue. Should make for a fun March.

So we had a big turn out for the Feb 08 brew... 8 people in all I believe. Too bad only 6 got full carboys! We'll need to expand our capacity.

Anyway - I finally reformatted the site logo and layout, and I think it should be pretty functional now. I updated the user list and want to try and use this site a little more. I'll post the recipes (as brewed, not as planned) later tonight. I'm still playing with the "Other Beer News" and "Brewing Site Feeds" stuff.

So I figured I'd start a forum topic about the upcoming mobile brewing (and drinking) rig. M1 bought a beater for $100 and we are going to stuff it full of brewing stuffs. His blog is password protected... so email him (or me) if you need it.

Now I haven't really talked to him much about this yet, so I'm not sure some of my ideas (tearing out the back seats) are kosher with his other plans for this vehicle, but here are my ideas anyway. I had a 1 hour brainstorming session while watching Celebrity Rehab.



12/8 or 12/15? Bean is in . . . which I think means he is out.

Alright folks. Summer is in full swing and I know everyones busy, but it's been too long since we've been able to congregate and brew beer. Let's try and get something going this weekend. There are a few options as far as I can tell:

Anybody out there?

Let's brew some beer this summer. My weekends are pretty open right now... any time in July (except the 14th) or in August (except the 4th) works for me. There's a microbrew festival in Indy July 21, and Brew at the zoo is Aug 25 down here in Louisville that we could hit up too.

The Wit's have been tasting good this summer, so I thought I'd give one a shot myself. Does anyone have any recipes suggestions? Also, I'll be brewing this as a 5-gallon all-grain batch Saturday morning (June 23, 2007), if anyone is interested in hanging out for a bit and sampling a few other beers I've got on tap right now. [updated - see comments]


As of 2007-06-12, Indiana Brewing And Drinking Society (IBADS) is an Official AHA-registered Homebrew Club. We are club #176883. It is currently listed under IN without a city, intentionally, but I think I am going to put my address in there in order to be mo betta contactable.


The Indiana Brewing and Drinking Society is a small, decentralized group of brewers with locations spanning the the state. We are an AHA certified homebrewing club in the state of Indana (Club #176883). We all enjoy brewing beer, building beer brewing gadgets, and of course drinking the fruits of our labor. After all, what good is the B without the D ?

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