So I figured I'd start a forum topic about the upcoming mobile brewing (and drinking) rig. M1 bought a beater for $100 and we are going to stuff it full of brewing stuffs. His blog is password protected... so email him (or me) if you need it.

Now I haven't really talked to him much about this yet, so I'm not sure some of my ideas (tearing out the back seats) are kosher with his other plans for this vehicle, but here are my ideas anyway. I had a 1 hour brainstorming session while watching Celebrity Rehab.

It's all about the Rubbermade totes, dude. Store things in them for transport, build with them while brewing.

I wont go in to detail too much right now... but take a look at my chicken scratch and discuss! I had to scan it in, so it might be a little hard to read.