Dogfish Head IBA clone


Picked up this recipe off the AHA listserv. We used 16oz of Muscovado sugar in place of the dark brown and Magnum hops in place of Warrior. It was bottled this past weekend and weighed in at a hefty 9.6% ABV. Should be interesting...


This is a grain and extract version from Bryan Selders of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Pre-boil tea @ 150*F
6 gallons water

In grain bag
10 oz crushed British amber malt
10 oz crushed 60 Lovibond crystal malt
8 oz crushed light chocolate malt
2 oz crushed roasted barley

7 lbs light dry malt extract 75 minutes
1/2 oz Warrior hops 60 minutes
8 oz dark brown sugar 10 minutes
1 oz Vanguard hops end of boil

Yeast: Ringwood ale yeast/Wyeast 1187

5 oz priming sugar

1. In brew kettle, heat 6 gallons of water to 150*. In grain bag, add all 4 of the crushed grains. allow to steep for 15 minutes.
2. Remove the grain bag and bring water to a boil.
3. Remove from heat and add the light malt extract.
4. Return to a boil.
5. After 15 minutes, add the Warrior hops to the kettle and continue to boil for an additional 60 minutes.
6. 10 minutes before the end of the boil, add the dark brown sugar and stir until completely dissolved.
7. At the end of the boil, add the Vanguard hops, remove the kettle from the heat; stir to create a whirlpool, cover and let it settle for 20 minutes.
8. Cool the wort and rack to a fermenter leaving as many of the solids behind in the kettle as possible. Some sediment is OK as it is beneficial to yeast health.
9. Pitch the cooled wort with the Ringwood ale yeast and ferment @ around 68*-71*F. Aerate the wort.
10. After 7-10 days, rack the beer to the secondary fermenter and allow the beer to condition in secondary for 14 to 20 days.