Ron Smith - Belgium Beer Trip

A forwarded message from Ron Smith of FBI and BeerMBA fame:

Fellow Homebrewers and Club Leaders,

As a 25+ year homebrewer, I have met many of you over the years either judging at competitions around the country and/or from attending the AHA Conferences that I go to nearly every year.  I have helped lead the Indianapolis club, the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) for much of my time in the hobby.  Homebrewing has been a big part of my life and has been very rewarding, especially from the standpoint of the friends I have made.  I always say that the coolest people on the planet make their own beer and I’ll stick to that!

As a fellow club leader, I am hoping you can help me get a message out to your members.  I am leading some Incredible Guided Beer Vacations to Belgium and Germany!  My Belgium trip for this Summer is confirmed and I still have some availability / open seats.  These are pretty awesome trips and my direct knowledge of brewing and beer styles makes them even more special for homebrewers.  I am a National level BJCP judge, a Certified Cicerone, and I teach Beer Appreciation, Styles and Sensory Analysis classes both on my own and at the college level, plus I have traveled throughout Belgium and Germany.  So in addition to handling all the planning and coordination, I add a lot of knowledge, education and fun to the trips.  Also, for homebrew club members, I have a really nice Powerpoint presentation that people can use after the trip to present their journey to their club.  This could possibly even be a non-judging points earning session for BJCP members and I can help with that as well.

You can read all about my Belgium Trip here ( and my Germany Trip here (  There are lots of photos actually taken from the trips, as well as a day-by-day itinerary on these pages.  There is also some general information here (  These are great trips designed to maximize the enjoyment of homebrewers and beer lovers that want to see these parts of the world without all the stress, planning, etc.  While being primarily beer-focused, I also break them up and visit many of the usual tourist sites as well.  Thus, even non-beer lovers will really enjoy them, but the true beer lover and/or homebrewer will be in heaven on these trips!

Thanks in advance for helping me get the word out to your club. Hoppy Brewing and Prosit!

Ron Smith