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After way too many months of brewing inactivity, we will be firing up the propane burner once again. We're cookin' up a 10 gallon extract batch of the classic homebrewer's porter - St. Chuck's. Recipe is posted on the Recipator as St. Chuck's Revival. We are brewing in the wintery mix, then kickin' it on over to Winetrfest!

We broke all IBADS records this weekend by not only brewing almost 70 gallons of beer, but also managing to build a barrel stand for our soon-to-be-full Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel, and getting in 3 games of beerpong.

What: Brewing some big hoppy beers
How: 5 pounds of hops, bitch
When: Jan 9, 9AM-6PM
Where: m1's house in Indy

Current plans are to brew 2 or 3 IPAs and a big porter. More pending participation. I believe we have 3 fully functional AG systems available to brew... we just need carboys to dump it in!

Brewed 4 10 gallon batches Saturday in m1's back yard. We had 2 systems running in staggered fashion. Here's what we brewed (My FG and ABV included):

Marty's Ultralight Ale - OG: 1.040 - FG: 1.008 (4.3%)
Wit's End - OG: 1.048 - FG: 1.014 (4.5%)
IBADS Red - OG: 1.056 - FG: 1.013 (5.7%)
CHIPA - OG:1.059 - FG: 1.010 (6.5%)

Fermented at 69F for a week and crash chilled. I like's em FRESH!

M1 and I will be brewing Tuesday, June 23rd at my house in Memphis, IN. Short notice, and a strange date, but any and all are welcom to join us. We'll probably be brewing up some OHP, workign on some equipment that needs attention, and planning IBDAS's rise to the top of the homebrewing world.

Two big brew days coming up:

2009-04-11: Bean's (that's me) Big Brew 2009. All day, 30 gallons, good tims for sure!

2009-05-02: AHA Big Brew / National Homebrew Day. I feel like IBADS should do some mobile brewing... ideas?

This past weekend, a few of us briefly discussed brewing on May 17th. I'm willing to host in Memphis, but I'm also willing to drive to a more central locale. I think Maxson wants to put the brewmobile through a few tests to try and get it ready for the Brew-B-Q this summer.

Anyone interested? Location suggestions? Beer ideas?

Well, since we had a few big brewing weekends lately, I thought I'd post a few of the recipes brewed, updated (as far as I know) with actual gravity readings.

Eventually, I'll find a better way to store recipes on this site... ie something other than linking to the recipator. Anybody got any ideas?

Brewed on 2008-02-09
10 gallons of Sunnybrook Kolsch (all grain)
10 gallons of CHIPA (all grain)

[NOTE: At the last brewing get together, m1 took a lot of pictures throughout the day. He blogged about it here, but since his site is pw protected, I decided to republish it (with permission). Enjoy!]

So we had a big turn out for the Feb 08 brew... 8 people in all I believe. Too bad only 6 got full carboys! We'll need to expand our capacity.

Anyway - I finally reformatted the site logo and layout, and I think it should be pretty functional now. I updated the user list and want to try and use this site a little more. I'll post the recipes (as brewed, not as planned) later tonight. I'm still playing with the "Other Beer News" and "Brewing Site Feeds" stuff.

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