Back in 2002 (I think), I upgraded my boil kettle from an enamel coated steel stock pot to a converted Sanke keg. It was awesome... full wort boils, durability, 10 gallon batches! Well, 8 years later and I finally pulled the trigger for the next upgrade. My new boil kettle is a 55 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker. No more boilovers for me! And 20-30 gallon batches!

As mentioned in a previous post, IBADS obtained a Woodford Reserve once-used bourbon barrel fresh off the line as a part of a state-wide competition. We'll be going head to head with other Indiana homebrew clubs at the Indiana State Fair.


I've got a few stubborn hop plants that come up every year, despite my total neglect. I've decided to make an effort this Spring with the Cascade bines that are coming up in the corner of my garden, so I built a 4-wire trellis.


It was a bit hit at the brew-b-q. Special thanks to Mike, who invested several weekends in the project.

My pictures can be found here:

Open to suggestions ahead of next year's event . . .



[NOTE: At the last brewing get together, m1 took a lot of pictures throughout the day. He blogged about it here, but since his site is pw protected, I decided to republish it (with permission). Enjoy!]

So I figured I'd start a forum topic about the upcoming mobile brewing (and drinking) rig. M1 bought a beater for $100 and we are going to stuff it full of brewing stuffs. His blog is password protected... so email him (or me) if you need it.

Now I haven't really talked to him much about this yet, so I'm not sure some of my ideas (tearing out the back seats) are kosher with his other plans for this vehicle, but here are my ideas anyway. I had a 1 hour brainstorming session while watching Celebrity Rehab.

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