Parti Gyle!
The first 5.5 gallons is drained into the kettle for Big Pig and the mash is refilled and circulated before being drained into a second kettle for Little Pig. The second mash is capped with 1/2# of chocolate malt to add some color to Little Pig. Big pig is pretty big IPA with heavy late hop additions. Little pig is a darker and weaker English beer... dark mild/brown.

Using a 60%/40% ratio for the 2x5 gallon split.

Big Pig:

Little Pig:

So... from what I hear, m1 brewed a beer a few weeks back and kegged it only to find that it is not done fermenting (sweet and low in alcohol). Assuming the beer is not drinkable, anybody have ideas on how to save it?

Seems like you could transfer it back into a carboy, let it gas out and warm up, add some good dry yeast and a few drops of Beano and let it ferment some more. Might be a pain in teh ass, but it's better than dumping it out.


The Wit's have been tasting good this summer, so I thought I'd give one a shot myself. Does anyone have any recipes suggestions? Also, I'll be brewing this as a 5-gallon all-grain batch Saturday morning (June 23, 2007), if anyone is interested in hanging out for a bit and sampling a few other beers I've got on tap right now. [updated - see comments]

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