Club Favorites

There are a few sacred styles that I like to brew again and again. Although the detail of the recipe vary from time to time, the overall goal is to always have one or more (or all) of the following in the pipeline:

As mentioned in a previous post, IBADS obtained a Woodford Reserve once-used bourbon barrel fresh off the line as a part of a state-wide competition. We'll be going head to head with other Indiana homebrew clubs at the Indiana State Fair.

Here's a recipe one of us came up with a few years back. I recently brewed an extract version of it.

This is a great IPA that we've been brewing for a few years. We toss in a bag of hops every 5 minutes... hence the name: Continuously Hopped India Pale Ale.

Here's a beer I brewed with m1 and m3 2008-03-15. It's a porter made with a bunch of dark malts that barkley gave me. I might add some coffee to it in the keg.

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