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Anita Johnson and I are working with John Kruse of Brown Forman to get used-once Woodford Reserve barrels to Indiana Homebrew Clubs for a club competition at the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup. Here's what we're planning.

What: Brewing some big hoppy beers
How: 5 pounds of hops, bitch
When: Jan 9, 9AM-6PM
Where: m1's house in Indy

Current plans are to brew 2 or 3 IPAs and a big porter. More pending participation. I believe we have 3 fully functional AG systems available to brew... we just need carboys to dump it in!

Brewed 4 10 gallon batches Saturday in m1's back yard. We had 2 systems running in staggered fashion. Here's what we brewed (My FG and ABV included):

Marty's Ultralight Ale - OG: 1.040 - FG: 1.008 (4.3%)
Wit's End - OG: 1.048 - FG: 1.014 (4.5%)
IBADS Red - OG: 1.056 - FG: 1.013 (5.7%)
CHIPA - OG:1.059 - FG: 1.010 (6.5%)

Fermented at 69F for a week and crash chilled. I like's em FRESH!


Crown Brewing is pleased to announce that it will be having its first ever "Crown Challenge" PRO-AM .

EVENT DATE = September 26

The competition is open to homebrews only. No entries brewed with professional assistance, on professional equipment, or at a commercial brewery are eligible.

For all rules, regulation and to download a registration form, please visit,

Crown Brewing ~ Crown Point
(219) 663-4545


From Ron Smith's email:

Two big brew days coming up:

2009-04-11: Bean's (that's me) Big Brew 2009. All day, 30 gallons, good tims for sure!

2009-05-02: AHA Big Brew / National Homebrew Day. I feel like IBADS should do some mobile brewing... ideas?


On March 21st, The SUDS Club (Homebrew club in the Jasper area) is going to tour the Upland brewery in Bloomington and peruse the area bars afterwards. As of now, the tour is slated for mid-afternoon, leaving plenty of drinking time for the rest of the day and night. Aaron Rasche (Red), member of both the SUDS Club and IBADS, has invited IBADS members to come along for the ride. Anyone interested?

Beep beep!

No new content for a while, so I thought I'd post an update from my end. I got together with m1 and hicks the lesser to brew up some beer in Terre Haute last weekend... 10 gallons of an all grain amber and 10 gallons of an extract stout. I believe m1 is planning to post the recipes soon.

I kegged said amber this evening. Here's it is going in, along side a delicious glass of Pale Wheat Ale.

Plenty of details listed on their web site, so I wont repeat too much. This is a charity event and a certified BJCP, keg-only competition. With your entry/donation of a full keg, you get 2 tickets to "sample" all day, a shot at winning a nice door prize, and a big warm fuzzy for your charitable contribution.

I'm going. Depending on how well the PWA turns out, I may enter it, otherwise I'll probably brew a batch of OHP to take.

Anyone else interested?





It was a bit hit at the brew-b-q. Special thanks to Mike, who invested several weekends in the project.

My pictures can be found here:

Open to suggestions ahead of next year's event . . .



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