Mark your calenders... this year's gathering of Indiana homebrew clubs will take place on Saturday, June 7th in Indianapolis.

Stef and I will be in attendance, and I believe Maxson and Mike will be there as well to show off the Brewmobile and brew a batch of beer.

Be there or be sober!

Anybody else going?

This past weekend, a few of us briefly discussed brewing on May 17th. I'm willing to host in Memphis, but I'm also willing to drive to a more central locale. I think Maxson wants to put the brewmobile through a few tests to try and get it ready for the Brew-B-Q this summer.

Anyone interested? Location suggestions? Beer ideas?

Well, since we had a few big brewing weekends lately, I thought I'd post a few of the recipes brewed, updated (as far as I know) with actual gravity readings.

Eventually, I'll find a better way to store recipes on this site... ie something other than linking to the recipator. Anybody got any ideas?

Brewed on 2008-02-09
10 gallons of Sunnybrook Kolsch (all grain)
10 gallons of CHIPA (all grain)

[NOTE: At the last brewing get together, m1 took a lot of pictures throughout the day. He blogged about it here, but since his site is pw protected, I decided to republish it (with permission). Enjoy!]

So I figured I'd start a forum topic about the upcoming mobile brewing (and drinking) rig. M1 bought a beater for $100 and we are going to stuff it full of brewing stuffs. His blog is password protected... so email him (or me) if you need it.

Now I haven't really talked to him much about this yet, so I'm not sure some of my ideas (tearing out the back seats) are kosher with his other plans for this vehicle, but here are my ideas anyway. I had a 1 hour brainstorming session while watching Celebrity Rehab.

Alright folks. Summer is in full swing and I know everyones busy, but it's been too long since we've been able to congregate and brew beer. Let's try and get something going this weekend. There are a few options as far as I can tell:


As of 2007-06-12, Indiana Brewing And Drinking Society (IBADS) is an Official AHA-registered Homebrew Club. We are club #176883. It is currently listed under IN without a city, intentionally, but I think I am going to put my address in there in order to be mo betta contactable.

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