After way too many months of brewing inactivity, we will be firing up the propane burner once again. We're cookin' up a 10 gallon extract batch of the classic homebrewer's porter - St. Chuck's. Recipe is posted on the Recipator as St. Chuck's Revival. We are brewing in the wintery mix, then kickin' it on over to Winetrfest!

There are a few sacred styles that I like to brew again and again. Although the detail of the recipe vary from time to time, the overall goal is to always have one or more (or all) of the following in the pipeline:


Sprout is a simple mild ale with a few pounds of home-roasted brown malt added for a little color and complexity. A crowd pleaser for sure.


A simple summertime wit for drinking in big gulps! A humble tribute to one of my favorite summer beers - Upland Wheat. This is the first beer I'm brewing in my new kettle.

As mentioned in a previous post, IBADS obtained a Woodford Reserve once-used bourbon barrel fresh off the line as a part of a state-wide competition. We'll be going head to head with other Indiana homebrew clubs at the Indiana State Fair.

Parti Gyle!
The first 5.5 gallons is drained into the kettle for Big Pig and the mash is refilled and circulated before being drained into a second kettle for Little Pig. The second mash is capped with 1/2# of chocolate malt to add some color to Little Pig. Big pig is pretty big IPA with heavy late hop additions. Little pig is a darker and weaker English beer... dark mild/brown.

Using a 60%/40% ratio for the 2x5 gallon split.

Big Pig:

Little Pig:


Picked up this recipe off the AHA listserv. We used 16oz of Muscovado sugar in place of the dark brown and Magnum hops in place of Warrior. It was bottled this past weekend and weighed in at a hefty 9.6% ABV. Should be interesting...


This is a grain and extract version from Bryan Selders of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Pre-boil tea @ 150*F
6 gallons water

In grain bag
10 oz crushed British amber malt
10 oz crushed 60 Lovibond crystal malt
8 oz crushed light chocolate malt
2 oz crushed roasted barley


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