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After way too many months of brewing inactivity, we will be firing up the propane burner once again. We're cookin' up a 10 gallon extract batch of the classic homebrewer's porter - St. Chuck's. Recipe is posted on the Recipator as St. Chuck's Revival. We are brewing in the wintery mix, then kickin' it on over to Winetrfest!


Sprout is a simple mild ale with a few pounds of home-roasted brown malt added for a little color and complexity. A crowd pleaser for sure.



A simple summertime wit for drinking in big gulps! A humble tribute to one of my favorite summer beers - Upland Wheat. This is the first beer I'm brewing in my new kettle.



We just got done brewing beer and serving beer at Winterfest. Thanks to everyone that stopped by for a sample or some beer conversation. If you are interested in joining IBADS or brewing beer with us sometime soon, contact us.


The 2nd Annual Indiana Microbrewers Winterfest will be taking place at the Ag-Hort building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indy on January 30, 2010 from 3-78pm.

There will be 31 Indiana breweries serving samples, over 200 beers to choose from, and an outdoor Firkin garden. Stef and I will be there too, pouring IBADS homebrew samples right along side the big boys!

Tickets are on sale for $30. See http://www.brewersofindianaguild.com/festival.html for more details.

From Bob Ostrander over at indianabeer.com:

Anita Johnson and I are working with John Kruse of Brown Forman to get used-once Woodford Reserve barrels to Indiana Homebrew Clubs for a club competition at the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup. Here's what we're planning.

Parti Gyle!
The first 5.5 gallons is drained into the kettle for Big Pig and the mash is refilled and circulated before being drained into a second kettle for Little Pig. The second mash is capped with 1/2# of chocolate malt to add some color to Little Pig. Big pig is pretty big IPA with heavy late hop additions. Little pig is a darker and weaker English beer... dark mild/brown.

Using a 60%/40% ratio for the 2x5 gallon split.

Big Pig:

Little Pig:


From Ron Smith's email:

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