Woodford Reserve Cup - 2010

From Bob Ostrander over at indianabeer.com:

Anita Johnson and I are working with John Kruse of Brown Forman to get used-once Woodford Reserve barrels to Indiana Homebrew Clubs for a club competition at the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup. Here's what we're planning.

  • Each participating club will get a 53-gallon wooden barrel. There is no charge. Brown Forman is donating the barrels. Your club will probably have a big-brew day to make one batch of beer - your choice of style. The cask, of course, is to be used for barrel aging. No, you don't get the grain or hops donated also.
  • Each club will submit one entry (late June) to the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup in a special category to compete for the Woodford Reserve Cup. This competition will be judged in category 22C - Wood-Aged Beer. It will include "base styles where barrel-aging is a fundamental requirement for the style (e.g., Flanders Red, Lambic, etc.)." This competition will be judged by out-of-state judges.
  • Your club gets to keep the cask, of course. We encourage the winners, at least, to subsequently make a Pro-Am beer with their local brewery.
  • We need you to bring a 5-gal corny keg of your entry beer to the Brewers Cup (early July) for people to sample during the dinner and awards ceremony (and possibly other State Fair receptions).

The casks will be delivered by Brown Forman to the State Fairgrounds on January 30th, 2010 at the B.I.G. Winterfest. You'll need to pick them up there. Bring a pickup truck or a van. (Yeah, we can make special arrangements).

I'm going to pick up our barrel after Winterfest on the 30th. I guess we better start figuring out what we are gonna brew, eh?